It has been my experience that almost all “guaranteed traffic” sites are little more than frauds. You pay money and they deliver supposedly high quality traffic and you just sit back and make money.

Yeah right.

Here are some of the ways they rip you off;

  1. Pop under’s that are annoyances and are usually blocked (and hardly visible if they are not) and people click off immediately (but counted as legitimate traffic to you by these places)
  2. Bots visiting your site every few minutes (no human) until your “traffic” is delivered and your hit counter or analytics record it
  3. Overseas sweat shops that sell clicks (dozens of people sitting in a room in China clicking on ads that have no intention or even the money to buy anything from you even if they wanted to)

These can be easy to spot as you will see traffic all from the same IP address. More complex scams have software that rotates their proxies and IP addresses.

Spotting them also works by having a look at your weblogs. Your average visitor will stay at the page for sometime before closing it. So have a look at your logs and see how long people are staying. Take your average user and weigh that against some of the more suspicious ones.

Keep in mind that bots such as Google or Yahoo will identify themselves very clearly in your logs and might have a short visit period. The unique visitor that stays say 5 seconds and seems to stay only 5 seconds visit after visit is most likely part of a scam.

NEVER pay for traffic except possibly for legitimate and proven media buys or other reliable tried and true sources.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

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